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Group Class or 1-2-1

What is the Alexander Technique? My teacher, Don Weed, Founder of the Interactive Teaching Method Alexander Technique describes it as the "Study of Thinking in Relation to Movement."

The technique is based on the knowledge that thinking causes movement. By changing the way we think towards a more conscious, constructive and reasoned way we can change the way we move to bring more ease, more freedom with less effort to all of our activities in life. 

FM Alexander, developed and described the Alexander Technique. In his last book he wrote, "The technique bears the same relationship to educations as education bears to all other activities." Here implying that an education the technique will facilitate all our other learning.

By adopting the principles outlined in the technique we start down a path of constant improvement - through which our manner of using ourselves in life can be constant influence for good. 

This work is brilliant for anyone who uses their body and wants to find more efficient ways to go about it from actors and musicians, to athletes, mothers, and anyone seeking a means whereby they can make a plan for any activity in their life and carry it out simply, easily, successfully and enjoyably. 

Alexander Technique: Offerings
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