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Your yoga mat is a place for exploration & investigation, a place to learn and grow. In this class the focus is not what we do in our practice but how we do it, what happens on journey and how we use these experiences to add to our understanding of ourselves: body and mind. 

In class we’ll explore classic Hatha yoga poses through the lens of breath-time movements found in Viniyoga, the vinyasa flow found in Ashtanga, a Forrest Yoga focus on core, and the flowing elements of tai chi and Animal Flow to bring a dynamic aspect to our practice. All levels and abilities are welcome.


In each class we follow the principles of  Vinyasa Krama Flow.

Vinyasa = the principle of synchronising breath with movement

Krama = wise progression / steps or stages

This principle allows us to break down complex poses and move safely towards them, building a breath-timed practice to stretch, strengthen and soften the body, bringing balance and connection as we tune it to listen to what is happening now and what we need next. This practice is a chance to bringing our reasoning intelligence to a sequence of asana (postures) to work safely and steadily towards a chosen pose or set of poses.

I love this way of practicing yoga, it allows us to work towards our edge, those illusive challenging poses, but without any pressure to move into the full expression of the pose; instead we build the blocks: strengthening, stretching and building balance, while enjoying the journey rather than any final end pose or goal

“The body benefits from movement, and the mind benefits from stillness.”― Sakyong Mipham

Yoga Class
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