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NEW CLASS: Wednesday Evenings Term Time, 8-9pm at YogaFurie

I'm so excited to be sharing a new Vinyasa Krama Flow yoga class, Wednesday evenings term time, 8-9pm at YogaFurie, 201, Ashley Down Road, Bristol, BS7 9DD.

What's Vinyasa Krama Flow?

Vinyasa = the principle of synchronising breath with movement

Krama = wise progression / steps or stages

Class starts with a focus on breath and we’ll build a breath-timed practice to stretch, strengthen and soften the body, bringing balance and connection as we tune it to listen to what is happening now and what we need next. This practice is a chance to bringing our reasoning intelligence to a sequence of asana (postures) to work safely and steadily towards a chosen pose or set of poses.

Every class has a balance of movement dynamics, but each week we’ll take a different focus: perhaps forward bends for grounding; a hip sequence for full body flow, or heart-opening backbends – or a peak pose requiring a number of these elements as we work towards it.

Through this practice we take our joints through their full range of movement, maintaining ease and steadiness throughout our system and a healthy flow of energy to carry off the mat as we move through life.

I love this way of practicing yoga, it allows us to work towards our edge, those illusive challenging poses, but without any pressure to move into the full expression of the pose; instead we build the blocks: strengthening, stretching and building balance, while enjoying the journey rather than any final end.

Class ends with pranayama and savasana to reap the benefits of our practice.

Wednesday evenings, 8-9pm, Term-time

@Yogafurie, 201 Ashley Down Road, Bristol, BS7 9DD

Price: £10 per class drop in or £45 for a block of 5

Booking: email Bethan at or BOOK ONLINE

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